SM-sarja All-Star Game 2009

The first ever Baseball SM-sarja All-Star Game will be held August 2nd 2009 between Team World and Team Suomi. The starting lineups will be determined by interactive voting and the rest of the rosters, as well as replacement players will be nominated by the coaches. Team World will be coached by SM-Sarja Commissioner Raffi Räber and Team Suomi will be headed by Mikko Liljeberg (Coach Malmi Bullets). Each teams roster includes the nine starting players (as voted by players & coaches), 2 extra pitchers, 1 extra catcher, 2 extra infielders and 2 extra outfielders (16 players total).

Game information:
The game will be played over 9 innings by the regular SM-sarja rules. Players are wearing their respective (SM-sarja) team's uniform. There will be one plate umpire, one field umpire and one scorekeeper working the game. The DH rule can be used by both teams. It is suggested to use all players invited to the game and, as a ground rule, players can only play in the position(s) they've been voted to start at, or have been chosen by the coach for.

Voting eligibility:
Persons allowed to vote are: all registered players and coaches of the five SM-sarja teams, all registered umpires and scorekeepers (who have umpired/kept score this season), as well as members of the federation's board. Only one vote per person will be accepted. It is IMPORTANT for voters to give us their true name (when asked for it on the ballot) and we hope, that everybody will play fair and not abuse the system (submit his votes under someone else's name). Votes submitted by persons uneligible to vote will be disregarded.

Voting process:
Voting on this page is open until July 15th. You will be presented first with a list of all players eligible to play for Team World, then with a list of all players eligible to play for Team Suomi and last a list of umpires and scorekeepers to be voted to officiate the All-Star Game. After this, a page summarizing all your votes will be displayed and you'll be asked to enter your name and submit your vote.

You can vote for one player for each position (per team), one plate umpire, one field umpire and one scorekeeper. The same player cannot be chosen for more than one position, but due to technical reasons this won't be checked. In case a player has been voted in for two different positions, both votes will be disregarded (so be careful and check your teams, before you submitting your vote). If you can't decide on a player to vote for a certain position, you can chose the default option "None".

Results of the voting

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